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Get to know me a little bit more

Robert Forbes

I'm a website and application designer, developer, digital marketer and consultant working with clients that are spread around the world. I'm an 80's kid, raised on BBC Micro +B and Nintendo.

From the youngest age I have been involved with computers in some form with my mum fueling the fun by bringing home new machines for my brothers and I but really I stole all the fun. School wasn't kind to me for my head start so it's taken me some time to get to where I am now.

I have always dabbled in code and ideas with technology of various kinds but only in the last few years has web development become the area I've wanted to focus in. Especially front-end development and turning this in to a business turned out to be the focus I wanted / needed.

I have experienced website design and development in many different forms, using many different tools. The most notable of these would be Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Wordpress and more recently Figma, Glimpse, Laravel and static site generators.

As the years have passed and life has thrown some hurdles in the way my skill set has matured and my interest focused in on selected areas of interest. I've tried to stay clear of the "trends" like React, SASS and Content Management Systems for everything and instead focus on semantic HTML, modern CSS and static site generators.

I disagree strongly with anyone who says you must use Javascript, SASS or any other technology to develop modern websites.

In recent years I felt the urge to escape the rat race of London, especially after meeting my Norwegian partner, and dedicate myself to working from the quiet coastline of Norway. This gave me the drive to hone my skills further and want to push these to help others understand technology better for their business and not be bogged down in the bullshit that is currently online.

I find it incredibly rewarding to deliver projects for my clients and building strong relationships along the way. Changing the landscape of the website development, one project at a time.

Although I'm quite introverted when it comes to my online persona, I have decided I need to be better at communicating with my audience so I've started to blog to develop my writing skills and share my opinions on my twitter feed. I have plans for expanding in the future but I'm in no real rush.

In January 2021, after some major problems (blame the pandemic) I finally made it over to the amazing country of Norway where I live on the outskirts of a small town, taking inspiration from regular walks along the sea and countryside. With a backdrop of mountains and stunning sunsets its hard to not feel creative here.

With the new creative stimulation I have returned to another passion of mine, photography and you can see some of my work on my dedicated photography website Tactile Imagery (But ignore the styling, its currently being redesigned as I write this).