Hello World

Hello world

I mainly focused on tech and my work in development as I document my journey through this digital life.

The reason for this post, as stated above is to share my journey with others. I'm new to blog writing and new to this area of work so I am starting from scratch and feel the best way forward is to just jump in. For many years I have always needed / wanted things to be set out in a certain way before I move on but 2020 has made it bloody obvious that I just need to get on with our dreams and figure it out on the way or I will be forever regretting not trying.

Moving Forward

While I don't have any set plan on how I want to construct posts or subjects, I do have an idea of things I want to cover and achieve over the next year. This list has a lot more reason and data behind it but that can be explained in future posts as well as a "Year Ahead" post coming tomorrow that will list out my "targets".

As for my blog.

The point of this blog is to communicate the following:

  • Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Backend Development (PHP, Go, Rust)
  • Mobile Development (React-Native, Unreal Engine)
  • General Linux tidbits
  • Design processes


Documenting these areas will help me a lot more to build an audience, prove my worth and generate new work as the year progresses.

I also really hope it allows me to explore areas that I'm really weak on like being public with things as well as my writing skills and especially my brand / marketing.

So I might as well start now.